White Magic V Black Magic – Is There a Big difference

Witchcraft is actually a term that is definitely accustomed to deal with a wide spectrum of beliefs. It really is typically wrongly believed that everybody who employs the time period witchcraft is into Black Magic or Satanism. This isn’t genuine! black magic.

Witchcraft by itself has quite a few ‘denominations’.

Wicca for illustration is defined by lots of as becoming the previous pagan religion of england coming from an Anglo-Saxon phrase that means ‘the craft from the wise.’ Other folks say the first term meant ‘wicked’. Wicca rejects the Christian God, preferring to personify the life pressure as female and male, recognized variously as being the God and Goddess, Lord and lady, the Horned God as well as the Silver Woman and many others. The female is always dominant for a Mother Earth concept.

There exist two simple kinds of magic applied today in witchcraft and occult societies. These are generally Common Magic ( People Magic, wicca etcetera ), and Ceremonial Magick ( Large Magick ).

In up to date tradition, occultists often make reference to white and black magic. White magic is said to generally be the source of power permanently or blessing. When black magic is commonly generally known as the power from demonic spirits that is certainly utilized to hurt or exert ones will and take away another’s free will.
With handful of exceptions, these in Wicca would imagine which they never become involved with curses which could damage individuals i.e. these are never ever included with black magic.

It really is my own private belief just after many years of review and investigation and to be a practitioner of Wicca, Voodoo and Black magic this belief inside the difference amongst white and black magic may be the generation of authors and Hollywood and infrequently truly seems in the heritage of earth magic.

Talk to any white witch, who promises to exercise white magic only, if they can be capable to hex somebody who has upset them. The answer is doubtless certainly, which prospects properly towards the concern if a white witch training white magic utilizes a resource of electrical power forever / blessing then how can they hex a person? Hexing relies on evil spirits to execute one’s sadistic will, therefore black magic.

It is actually my private impression that there is no important difference between white magic and black magic with one particular sole exception, the intent with which the magic is cast. Magic cast with great intent becomes white, magic solid with bad intent becomes black. The resource for both equally white and black magic is the similar.

Though I agree there are other insignificant discrepancies i.e. in the rituals and so forth amongst White and Black Witchcraft, the foundation from the energy is definitely the very same?

Most get there (like myself) for the Black arts via one of the many types of White Witchcraft. Individuals in white witchcraft deny the God in the Bible and so their electricity should originate from a different supernatural ‘god’. As presently described the reality that this electric power appears to accomplish very good is definitely the ‘angel of light’ syndrome, which has an evil power at its root.

There isn’t any difference between White and Black magic, except inside the self-deceit from the White magic practitioner. In tradition, White magic is executed for good applications, whilst black magic is utilized for self-gain, individual electrical power, and evil reasons. Is there anyone in existence who’s got undertake a class of study or even a task without having moi gratification and personal energy to be a aim?


Black Witchcraft / Black Magic is much more thoroughly generally known as the ‘Dark Way’. Wiccans are inclined to check with this because the ‘Left-Hand Path.’

Wiccans who observe the ‘and damage ye none’ section on the rede don’t believe that they stick to Satan and, , precisely the same may also be claimed on the greater part of dim witches – who do not admit, enable by yourself worship Satan.

Lots of Wiccans / white witches admit they look for electric power from a malignant resource but wouldn’t essentially agree this was pure evil. They have an inclination to argue that it’s a more highly effective source to operate magic from.

Specified the nature of witchcraft you will find indeed some groups who do consult with Lucifer. Even so numerous darkish witches find that the dim goddess is unpredictable plenty of with no incorporating in a thing they look at to generally be sourced from a modern faith.


It is actually tricky to see very clear distinctions involving white and black magic’s and lightweight and dark witchcraft. The boundaries in between the practises are inclined to blur depending upon the practitioner.

It should be recognized a large number of witches as well as greater part of Wiccans decide on not to turn into dim witches. The darker path is a lot more appealing to people who have got a attitude that is comparable to that of the occultist. Individuals that enter it are seeking hidden expertise and electric power to regulate and influence that which by ordinary implies they can not.

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